Where To Get The Best Halwa Puri In Lahore

Everyones breakfast favourite Halwa Puri is one of its kind when taken from the right place. There are times when you simply crave for a decent halwa puri on a Sunday morning and it’s one of the many things that one can enjoy even at a dhaba-like place. I had to mention that because the places that serve halwa puri (literally the best one I mean) are in fact “dhabas”. The dish when served with the right kind of sides in the right kind of desi “mahol” gets me hungry every time I think about it. So after a brief deliberation, I have rounded up a list of some of the best halwa puri places in Lahore.

Taj Mahal Sweets

Taj Mahal Sweets Taj Mahal Sweets

Time: 3:30am to 1:30pm
Price: Rs. 20 per serving

Just adjacent to the Badshahi Mosque while entering the walled city through Taxali Gate (which is one of the 13 gates) is this amazing little place situated. So this place has two kinds of halwas which are literally only served at this place, assorted with nuts, khoya and an incredibly delicious looking colour, one can simply love the halwa, and thats not all, the puri is just as amazing. Deliciously air piped with a beautiful typical puri-like texture, it’s the best thing to try out at least once if you’re in Lahore.

Address: Ali Park, 4 Fort Rd, Shahi Mohallah Walled City of Lahore, Lahore, Punjab
Phone: (042) 37639007

Chand Shahab Sweets

Chand Shahab Sweets1 Chand Shahab Sweets1

Time: 7am to 12pm
Price: Rs. 30 per serving

Located pretty close to the Taxali Gate, Chand Shahab is more than just halwa puri and breakfast. It’s about tradition that has been long held and loved. The place is crowded on weekends and that pretty much explains to what extent you’re also bona love it. Serving for only Rs. 30, it also gives mango pickles with it which actually goes really well. Taste remains one aspect and if we like to suggest a place, we make sure you’re not gonna regret it.

Address: Tibbi Mohalla Shahi Mohallah Walled City of Lahore, Lahore, Punjab 54000

Karachi Sweet Shop

karachi sweet shop karachi sweet shop

Time: 12am to 2pm
Price: Rs. 20

So this place finds itself near Old Anarkali just at the beginning of Food Street. As for the halwa puri, the experience can be rated as a relatively good one. The halwa isn’t something I would call exceptional because its not but the puri definitely stands out. Hot, fluffy and not too chewy, just like any really good puri is. So when you’re getting something that goes so well with halwa, the experience is actually a lit one.

Address: Gulshan Park Rd, Nabi Pura Lahore, Punjab
Phone: 0321 3646141

Butt Sweets

Butt Sweets & Bakers

Price: Rs.15

Butt Sweets has always been a very popular place for desi food, located near Lakshmi Chowk, they have made quite a name in the desi food market of Lahore and as far as the Halwa Puri is concerned, it’s no less than what one might expect from a really good place. Not artificially coloured, and not too sweet, the halwa was simply delicious and the puri made it even better. Started in 1947, Butt Sweets is also all about a tradition that carried itself and made it’s way among the best halwa puris in Lahore.

Address: Main Road, Opp Gourmet Restaurant, C BLOCK FAISAL TOWN? Block C Faisal Town, Lahore, Punjab
Phone: 0335 4005815

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