Where To Buy Pizzas in Lahore

Pizza is inevitably the best thing that humanity has been exposed to and with all this love for one kind of food comes numerous places that kill it when it comes to bringing the best tasting pizzas into existence. For all those out there looking for the best place to get their next pizza from, we decided to make the search easier and short listed some of the best pizza parlors in Lahore. Go through the list and try them all out, you wont regret it!



Manhattan Bites

Price: Rs. 1799 (21 inch)

The thing about Manhattan Bites is that you get a very delicious pizza and it looks just as amazing. You can actually crave that pizza when you’re not having it and the only reason we have it in the top list is that it tastes great and the toppings are better than most other competitors, they were also the first to include 21 inch pizzas in Lahore. For all those whose concerns include waiting time then this might not be your place. But as for the size proportions, 21 inch pizzas cant practically be inexpensive but they also serve in slices so one can easily have a great meal in an average budget.



Mozzarella 27

Price: Rs. 765 (Regular)


When it comes to the interior of this restaurant, many people love to sit and eat there. The staff comes next and it is highly courteous, though some people complain about rude staff but I have personally been there and that is definitely not the situation. Next comes the actual content, the pizza, and here’s what I have to say, I absolutely love it, the prices make it a strong competitor and the location near MM Alam Road makes it even better. In my opinion, it is definitely a green signal.



Pizza Channel

Price: Rs. 180 (7 inch)


When it comes to good economical pizzas, Pizza Channel makes it big time. For a pizza this inexpensive, one can slightly overlook the taste and other factors but Pizza Channel does not let that happen, the taste is absolutely delicious and waiting time isn’t bad at all. The “Chicken Supreme” wins many hearts and some say that it’s better than Pizza Hut.



Pizza Hut

Price: Rs. 720 (Regular)


The old Pizza Hut makes it into the list and is probably something we all know at the back of our heads mostly because of the convenience they offer because of the number of branches scattered all over Lahore. One thing I like about Pizza Hut is that they deliver anywhere, any time (literally). The only thing they could probably work on is the generosity with which they pour toppings on the pizza. Pizza usually offers so many different flavors that one can find it hard to choose.






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