Top Coffee Places In Lahore

Who doesn’t love coffee. There are people like me who can’t make it through the morning without the mandatory cup of coffee. And if you happen to be in the same boat then you can truly understand how important it is to find yourself a perfect cup of coffee. So I decided to make a list of all the best coffee places in town.



A coffee that might not be as popular but sure is a strong competitor. Cinnabon coffees cost around Rs. 245 a small cup and they serve as per their commitment, thick creamy and foamy, steaming hot coffees are something found at Cinnabon and they definitely breach the wall when it comes to the coffee-milk proportions. Definitely worth a try!


Gloria Jeans Coffee’s

For all those looking for a nice place to sit and enjoy a neutral cup of coffee, not too strong and not too mild, this is the place you’re looking for. When it comes to a pleasant hangout, Gloria Jeans serves it well. With a small cappuccino at the cost of Rs. 290, it is somewhat competitive and quite affordable if you would like to hangout once a week or so, but not the place where I would get my on-the-go coffee every morning.


Second Cup

For all those champs out there looking for a strong cup of coffee to energise their day or simply wanting a delicious thick coffee with a quiet and comfy environment, Second Cup is where you should head to. With coffee prices around Rs. 300, I’d say it’s side by side with Gloria Jeans and totally the place worth a hangout. The thing I like about Second Cup is their size, larger than the usual coffee cups.


Dunkin Donuts

Now here’s one for those who like a mild coffee that goes light and pleasant on their taste buds with a more milky essence. Whats best is that it is much cheaper than the usual coffee brands with a small cup pricing around Rs.210 so guess what, here’s something you can grab to work every morning. The thing about Dunkin Donuts is that they often have these great offers on coffee with donuts so it makes a great breakfast spot if you’re short of time.


McDonalds Coffee

Here’s another one that serves super fast and costs low, at Rs. 185 for a small cappuccino, McDonalds is by far the most affordable and the coffee, unlike that of Dunkin Donuts, is somewhat stronger. So if you’re looking for something to grab to work every morning that should stock you up with some caffeine, you know where to go.


Butler’s Chocolate Cafe

The coffee at Butler’s Cafe can be pointed out as somewhat expensive at Rs. 340 for a small cappuccino, and though the coffee may be one aspect of the place, Butler’s Cafe really stands out for it’s hot chocolate. It is to die for. If you’re like me who still prefers coffee over hot chocolate, then Butler’s cafe is a neutral option. You can go and sit there to enjoy the ambiance and the deserts and the coffee will still do, it’s an average competitor.



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