Top 5 Healthy Drinks To Make At Home

In a world where processed food takes over and we are consuming more and more of it everyday, I can’t go wrong when I suggest that our health standards are going down and are going down at an alarming rate. We don’t have time to sit and eat proper food, we don’t have the patience to cook food or prepare healthy salads at home and most importantly we don’t enjoy green salads the way we enjoy pizza. Adding all of that, it all boils down to the fact that we don’t eat healthy and this is not good. So we decided to do something unique that’s truly helpful to our readers and make a convenient short list of drinks that you can prepare at home and enjoy on top of it. Saves time, money and gives pleasure.

Green Lime Juice

Green lime juice

It can be prepared using an electric juicer, you simply juice celery, pears, apple, cilantro stems, serrano chile, lemon and lime. All this blended together and you get something that is totally worth the effort with added health benefits. I wanted to start off with something unique, the rest of the options may be a bit more convenient to make at home.

Water With Lemon

Water With Lemon

Exactly what it says, a glass of water with one or two slices of lemon added makes something very healthy and it takes almost no effort. It can detox you better than most hard-to-make stuff and is a perfect summer companion to help you through the heat. You can add a few slices of lemons in a bottle and carry it with you and fill it on the go.

Green Tea

Green tea

Once again, super easy to make and loaded with health benefits. A cup of green tea does more for you than you think, it acts as an antioxidant, improves brain function, it helps you lose fat so you kill obesity with it and also lowers the risk of cancer. All you do is heat water and add green tea, as simple as that.

Mandarin Juice

Mandarin Juice

Mandarin juice or simply orange juice is once again super simple and loaded with so many health benefits you never even knew. To start with, it is a great source of vitamin C which is vital to help stay in good shape. Other than that, for people who happen to be in an older age can control cholesterol problems simply by this drink. Blood pressure control is also accompanied with cholesterol control. For those young guns out there trying to lose weight, they may also use it to help kill obesity. Moreover it leaves you with a healthy immune system and consequently gives you a better glowing skin. With everything being correlated, the Mandarin/Orange juice is a complete health care companion.

Simple Water

Simple water

Plain water tops the list basically when it comes to healthy drinks. Just getting some fresh clean fluids running through the body clears a lot more than many other things that are considered healthy. Chug it and live healthy!

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