The Best Shawarma in DHA Lahore

Cuku Paka Shawarma

Shawarma is one of those foods of the Middle East that made their way to the entire world and just like burgers and pizzas, they are often considered fast food instead of full course meals.

A good shawarma is one that has plenty of sauce but it does not run out of the shawarma, it should be nice and compact. Its not a very appetizing meal so don’t expect your shawarma to be a big fully appetizing meal.

Its basically meant for an evening snack or an early pre-dinner meal but a shawarma is never a substitute for a meal.

In Lahore, you find foods of all kinds and just like that, some of the best shawarmas can be found in different places in Lahore. At food ninja, we make sure to give you only the best and most honest reviews about food places so you are never disappointed.

Al Beirut Lebanese Cuisine 

Al Beirut Lebanese Cuisine Al Beirut Lebanese Cuisine

It is located in H block DHA Phase 1. The problem with this place is that there are so many food places all compact in one commercial area so you will have to go through a bit to find Al Beirut.

An easy way is to call for directions or simply ask around, it is a fairly small commercial area. The restaurant is located on the second floor of a building and has limited space.

The seating may not be the most comfortable but the environment is above average with the decor and the food is actually very good.

The shawarma are their speciality. One way to go about your order is ask for a regular cheese or chicken shawarma and as per most reviews of the place, their shawarma is actually pretty close to the real shawarma of the middle east.

The average cost of a meal and drink at Al Beirut should not be more than Rs. 300.

Address: 151-H, Block H PHASE 1 DHA, Cantt, Lahore, Punjab 54810
Hours:     2pm–2am
Phone:      (042) 37392757

Cock n Bull 

Cock N Bul Cock N Bul

The restaurant is located in H block DHA Phase 1 where all the other food places are near the Song Franchise.

Seating is not reasonable in the restaurant and a better option is to always get your food packed and take it home because cleanliness is also below average in the seating.

Your average bill should go up to Rs. 200 with a shawarma and drink or maybe even less.

Address: 104/1-H, Sec Phase 1, Commercial Market H Block, Sector H DHA Phase 3, Lahore, Punjab
Hours: 11am–3am
Phone: 0306 5555146

Arabian Shawarma 

Arabian Shawarma Arabian Shawarma

Arabian shawarma is located on Walton Road towards Madina Colony. They have a late timing, staying open till 2am gives you a reason to plan a late night snack here.

The restaurant also gets very busy from 8pm to 11pm and parking is not the best so you might want to plan ahead. The restaurant is very clean and hygienic.

Address: 19 G masjid chowk, Sector G Dha Phase 1, Lahore, Punjab 56000
Hours: 11am–2am
Phone: 0321 4280987

Turkish Shawarma 

Turkish Shawarma Turkish Shawarma

Turkish Shawarma is located in H block of DHA EME. Cleanliness is not the best here due to poor sewerage in the surroundings but the food is really good.

The restaurant was opened 10 years ago and it has only gone up in the days. The average bill for a shawarma should not exceed Rs. 130.

Address: Block H DHA EME Sector, Lahore, Punjab
Hours: 1pm–1am
Phone: 0322 4703837

Cuku Paka Shawarma 

Cuku Paka Shawarma

Cuku Paka Shawarma

It is located in DHA Phase 2, Q block. The restaurant is a new one and hence does not have many reviews but recent customers consider the shawarma to be a good one.

If you come along the place with some spare time to try out a new shawarma, this is actually a good option with good parking space and reasonable seating space/capacity.

Their average shawarma costs around Rs. 120 which is actually very cheap for a good shawarma.

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