The Best Pasta Places in Gulberg For Pasta lovers

Pasta is a meal that is not as generalized as pizza and burgers because almost everyone loves that kind of fast food but not everyone loves pasta.

But pasta in its real essence is one of my favorite Italian foods and gladly enough, Lahore has a number of amazing Italian restaurants.

Before we dive into the list, I’d like to point out here that our Italian restuarants aka. the places where you get good pasta are considered as fancy fine dining restaurants and they may not particularly be as inexpensive as burgers.

Tenerife Cafe

 Tenerife Cafe  Tenerife Cafe

Tenerife is located on Jail road in main Gulberg and is really not hard to find. It is on the same road as Gulberg Galleria.

Tenerife has a double story airy environment and a very contemporary interior. The staff is extremely polite and I love the atmosphere that they provide.

Their pastas are among the best you find in Lahore. To be very honest there is so much competition when it comes to Pastas and Italian restaurants and it is really hard to settle on one but I will be neutral by saying that this is among the best.

They also have better prices when compared to other pasta places with pastas starting from Rs. 695 and my personal favorite as a spice lover is the Spicy Fettuccine.

The food comes with lovely presentation and it is an overall wonderful experience and when speaking relatively, they have a more generous parking space than most other Italian restaurants.

Address: 11 Jail Road, Main Gulberg, Lahore, Punjab
Hours: 10am–12am
Phone: 0333 4426961

Tuscany Courtyard 

Tuscany Courtyard Tuscany Courtyard

Second on my list is the Tuscany Courtyard located on MM Alam. Tuscany is slightly more expensive with pastas starting from Rs. 885 but they have it so much better when it comes to the overall experience.

Their royal contemporary interior with warm yellow lighting and unique design which gives a sense of privacy to every customer is what makes it my favorite.

One of the best pastas is the Spicy Prawn Fettuccine but it really depends on your flavor and personal preference.

They have free WiFi but that probably comes at the cost very tight parking which may or may not accommodate you.

You don’t have to worry about rush hours here tho, they normally have space to accommodate any group.

Address: 5 M. M. Alam Road Gulberg? Block T Gulberg 2, Lahore, Punjab 54000
Hours: 12pm–12am
Phone: (042) 35755639

Veranda Bistro

Veranda Bistro Veranda Bistro

Located on Sir Syed Road in Gulberg 2, Veranda Bistro is open till 12 in the night and is particularly my favorite when I feel like getting a very fancy and high end meal.

To start with, my recommendation is to go for a the appetizers first and the Calamari is a personal favorite but garlic bread is a more benign option.

They do not have a very diverse menu for Pastas but the brief menu is all better by itself. The Veranda Baked Ziti comes seasoned with pepperoni and just so happens to be a very flavorful serving.

Address: Sir Syed Rd, 6 L Block L Gulberg 2, Lahore, Punjab
Hours: 1pm–12am
Phone: 0301 8660126

Cosa Nostra

Cosa-Nostra Cosa-Nostra

Located in H block of Gulberg 2, you can get there by simply taking the turn from the Main Boulevard next to Rina’s Kitchenette.

Cosa Nostra is a very popular fine dining place for Lahoris and surely enough, it makes it to the list of the best pastas.

Try their Braised Beef Ragout pasta on your next visit. Although beef is not everyone’s taste but a beef pasta is definitely unique and worth the shot.

The pastas here start from Rs. 825 but they absolutely balance it with some really amazing food and an over all wonderful experience.

Address: 23-A? H Block Block H Gulberg 2, Lahore, Punjab
Hours: 12pm–1am
Phone: (042) 35792166

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