The Best Drinks You Can Find In Lahore

There are those people out there who are extra choosy about their drinks and are always fascinated by the idea of trying new kinds of drinks all the time. The urge is real and having found your perfect drink is the most amazing feeling. Lahore is one place where you can find all sorts of things, so we’ve gathered some of the best drinks, where you can find them and at what price.

Italian Soda at Gloria Jeans

Price: Rs. 350

Not just in Lahore but in every Gloria Jeans coffee house, you can find this truly refreshing drink. Comes in a variety of flavors but I would recommend to try it in Lime flavor. First comes the particularly sexy green color and adding to that, it is served on the rocks (on crystal clear ice cubes). So if you’re a soda addict then this fizzy drink should totally make you fall in love with it.

Caramel Latte at Second Cup

Price: Rs. 325

Once again, not just in Lahore but in every Second Cup outlet you can find the Caramel Latte, though you can simply characterize it as a type of a coffee but this is more than just your average caffeinated drink. First of all, it is thick up to the point where the flavor enriches your taste buds with every sip and secondly, the fun doesn’t end as soon as you start it because Second Cup generally has very satisfying sizes. With a slightly sweet essence, you may not have to add lot of sugar and the drink becomes extremely pleasant!

Hot Chocolate at Butler’s Chocolate Cafe

Price: Starting from Rs. 360

The Butler’s Cafe is already pretty famous for its chocolate products and in terms of drinks, the hot chocolate is something to die for. Apart from just the drink itself, I would also rate the sitting ambiance as a top class. The hot chocolate is thick with an increasingly satisfying rich chocolate essence. Every reason to try it out!

Chati Ki Lassi

Price Varies All Over Lahore

Though the famous Chati Ki Lassi is available throughout Lahore but the best, which truly stands out, is only available in Gawal Mandi and Food Street. With a rich milky taste served with ice and cream mixed in it, the glass of Lassi is usually so big that one with an average appetite can hardly finish it. If you’re in Lahore then you simply can’t leave without trying it at least once because your won’t find this anywhere else.

Gingerita at Cosa Nostra

Price: Rs. 245

For those Ginger Ale lovers, here’s something to carry your love for it to a whole new level. All the way from presentation to pricing, the Ggingerita is an incredible drink to try on a hot summer day or with a late night dinner. Enriched with a subtle ginger essence and soft fizzy appearance, the Gingerita is worth a shot!


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