The Best Dhaba-Like Chai In Lahore

Chai just happens to be our daily motivation to make it out of bed and through the day without napping and this might successfully be the case if the chai is good. Just like a five star dinner at a fancy place, a good cup of tea has its protocols. So we’ve rounded up some of the best places for it, mostly for those who have not yet been enlightened with the knowledge of the best chai in Lahore.

Sarak Pe Karak

Sarrak Pe Karrak Sarrak Pe Karrak

So it’s basically in Model Town and if you live somewhere close then you’re in luck because this place genuinely has amazing chai, not the typical sugary beyond tolerable chai. Apart from just really good chai, they give buns, parathas and similar snacks so it’s essentially a dhaba itself, not just a chai place.

Address: 2 K? Commercial Area Block K Model Town, Lahore, Punjab 54700
Hours: 2pm–1am

Goonga Yaqoo Chai Wala

Goonga Yaqoob Chai Wala1 Goonga Yaqoob Chai Wala1

Make a trip to Temple Road, nah just kidding. If you’re living in Lahore then you definitely get around the old Lahore area at least once in 2 months so in that case you can afford a short detour to Temple Road (and I’m not kidding this time), this place has chai that would get internationally recognised if it could. And it actually carries a tradition from family generations that have been owning and running this dhaba selling customers ‘chai’ to the most perfect taste notes.

Address: Temple Rd, Mozang Chungi, Lahore, Punjab 54000
Hours:     Open 24 hours

The Manji Manch

The Manji Munch The Manji Munch

This just happens to be the most accessible Chai Dhaba located in Dha. The chai perfectly lies on the essential pakki-hui-chai standards. Not just chai, you get budget friendly snacks including favoured naans. I wont say they’re the best (refer to our earlier post for the best flavoured naans) but when you get a really good cup of chai to go along with it then I’m pretty sure you wont judge anything.

Address: Khayaban-e-Jinnah, 9-M Block M Wapda Town Phase 2 Road, Lahore, Punjab
Phone: (042) 35132786

Jaidi Pan Shop

Jaidi Pan Shop Jaidi Pan Shop

Once again, here’s something for all those defence peeps, located in H block, you get a really good chai and the location makes it even better for an on the go chai stop (also essentially because there’s no seating to accompany this place), but part from that, along with awesome chai you get what this place is literally famous all over for, it’s wide collection of “pans”. What’s better is that you get Kashmiri chai too, a treat isn’t it?

Address: Street 141, Sector H Dha Phase 1, Lahore, Punjab 54000
Hours:    Open 24 hours

Lakshmi Chowk Chai Stalls

 Lakshmi Chowk Chai Stalls  Lakshmi Chowk Chai Stalls

You can not miss it when you go there. Of course you cant happen to be there every single day but if you ever plan a dinner at Gawal Mandi/ Food Street then this should be in your way, and a good cup of chai after a good meal is just what we all need as Pakistani awam.

Address: Nisbat Rd, Montgomery Park Qila Gujjar Singh, Lahore, Punjab 54000

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