The Best Coffee Shops In DHA Lahore

Coffee is one of that subtle happiness that I believe is important every once in a while and it has been scientifically proven that caffeine boosts your cognitive abilities by a fair amount.

An addition is the fact that companies like Patari came into being while the founders were at a coffee session. Coffee lightens the mood for many people like nothing else and for some it is basically the official start of the day.

This said, Lahore Defense is one place that never runs short of nice coffee places and you can always resort to the nearest one after a rough day.

Second Cup Y Block 

Best Coffe In Lahore Best Coffe In Lahore

The thing that I personally love about Second Cup is that their coffee is absolute raw, in the sense that it’s among the strongest coffees you find in Lahore.

So you can hit this place up for a late night session or an early morning one and the right kind of coffee is always available to go for the mood.

Apart from free wifi and the Y block commercial parking comes a smoking basement for those nicotine addicts.

Address: Street 10, Sector Z DHA Phase 3, Lahore, Punjab
Hours: 8am–2am
Phone: (042) 37185374

Gloria Jeans Phase 5

 Gloria Jean's Coffee.  Gloria Jean's Coffee.

The thing I like about this branch is their interior and the comfy warm lighting. Gloria Jeans coffee is best for those who drink for the sake of enjoyment because its moderately flavorful and less bitter than raw coffee.

You don’t get to kill your caffeine cravings with this mild coffee but it does get a right note on your taste buds and their frappes are an absolute favorite especially the Mint Chocolate flavored frappe.

Located in: Civic Commercial Area
Address: 76 CA? Street 6, Block J Phase 5 D.H.A, Lahore, Punjab
Hours: 9am–3am
Phone: 0321 4144096

Coffee Planet Y Block 

Coffee Planet Coffee Planet

The thing about Coffee Planet is that their coffee and other products are somewhat more expensive but they taste like an entirely different thing.

Depending on the flavor and the drink you order, you get a completely different experience from what you expect.

Their frappes are the most flavorful ones that I have tried in Lahore and the coffee can go from least strong to most strong depending on how you prefer it.

Coffee planet is one place you can go for good hot and cold drinks all at one place.

Located in: MBK Institute
Address: 336-Z Block, DHA Commercial Area, Phase 3 Sector Z DHA Phase 3, Lahore, Punjab
Hours: 8am–1am
Phone: (042) 35745360


Espresso Mall Espresso Mall

Located in Y Block, Espresso not only has excellent coffee, they serve much more than drinks actually.

The breakfast at Espresso is a big plus of why you should head out for the coffee shop. The interior decor and the music gives one a great time even for a coffee session sitting alone.

Unlike some branches of Gloria Jeans, the staff here caters more than just warmly and it’s a very satisfying experience for a coffee, iced tea or breakfast hangout.

Located in: MBK Institute
Address: 336-Z Block, DHA Commercial Area, Phase 3 Sector Z DHA Phase 3, Lahore, Punjab
Hours: 8am–1am
Phone: (042) 35745360

Sweet Affairs 

Sweet Affairs Sweet Affairs

Located in the commercial area of DHA Phase 5, this coffee shop has the plus of being open till 2:30am on weekend nights and 1am on weekdays.

It can very conveniently be the place for a late night coffee session but what’s more is the fact that they have a range of amazing deserts and sides to go with coffee.

The coffee itself may not be the best, but when coupled with the sides especially the cakes slices makes a mouth watering experience for one.

Address: 227 CCA Phase 4 Defence, Lahore
Hours: 8am–1am
Phone: 0333 3555482

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