The 3 Best Kinds of Black Tea You Can Find in Lahore

The love of tea is what every Pakistani can relate to and not just any tea, black tea really knows how to strike that one chord of our hearts that makes us wanna go at it. Food Ninja brings to you the best kinds of black tea you can find in Lahore and we’re gonna make sure you find what you love in them.

Earl Grey Black Tea by Twinings

Best Black tea

So it comes in Tea bags and that’s where the convenience is, boil water and you’re done. It comes with a bunch of surprising health benefits including the fact that it’s good for teeth, digestion, preventing cancer, weight loss and preventing heart diseases. Moreover it helps fight anxiety and depression, also works to relieve stress. That’s a lot of benefits for just black tea and apart from that and the fact that it tastes amazing, the tea has this amazing fragrance that builds an aroma for you and you know it’s good when you want it again and again.

English Breakfast Tea by Legend

Best tea

Works best for people who aren’t into strong tea because this is a very mild tea with subtle flavoring and just what breakfast tea needs to be but I sometimes go for it no matter what time of the day because it’s just something I regularly crave. It’s not aromatic like the twinnings but it’s really good for kick starting your day with something not very strong like black coffee.

Lipton’s Black Tea

best black tea

Probably the most easily available black tea in Lahore (and worldwide), one finds it very easy to develop a taste for Lipton’s black tea simply for the fact that it’s mildly strong and works for all times of the day. It’s not anything like those fancy Earl Grey brands but it’s definitely something that one gets accustomed to having everyday and it’s also available as processed black tea commonly known as “patti” in Pakistan, so for every reason it gets a thumbs up if you’re into tea.

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