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We all simply love the convenience online services provide and it gets even better when associated with food. So quite fortunately, we have not few, but many food related services which function online and you’ll be surprised to know just how much you could accomplish just with an internet connection on your phone by sitting in the comfort of your home. We have sorted out some of the best online services, most of them provide online food ordering, and others give slightly different services. All of them useful and all of them you wish you’d known earlier.



So this one is pretty popular already and if you’ve tried it before, you probably already know how facilitating this one small app can be. It has a huge list of restaurants to order from and it also gives the estimated delivery time which is surprisingly very little. When you’re using the app, the best part is that you’re not feeling obsolete, it feels like a relatively better way to order food when you’re actually doing it.



Once again, a very useful app that lets you choose from a huge number of restaurants around you (it asks for your location in the beginning) and then it lets you order from the place. Also giving the estimated delivery time, EatOye just has to be your first or second choice because it is a very strong competitor when you’re ordering food online.

I personally love for many reasons. First comes the fact that they literally deliver everywhere in Lahore, you just choose a restaurant and leave them to the calculations. No minimum order and no area limitations, you place your order and they make sure you get it. So Now that’s not all, they’re not only limited to online ordering, you can call them if you’re in a no-internet zone or you can simply send a whatsapp text (which is essentially the most convenient thing out there). Go ahead, it couldn’t get any better.

So you’re homesick in Lahore, here’s something you’re gonna wish you’d known earlier, This amazing little company caters with more than just food. It’s food with the homemade essence, Though people from different places all over Pakistan have drastic differences in their tastes, they still like to consider their food as homemade, it just simply feels better. So takes orders online, on call, and on whatsapp!

This service right here, although doesn’t provide whatsapp ordering but that doesn’t make it anything less interesting. You can order from all nearby restaurants and it gives very precise delivery timings, and the best part is that you an order 24 hours a day!

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