Cooking is a difficult task, and it becomes more difficult for a busy working woman. Cooking does not take too much time, but chopping and cutting of vegetables consumes a lot of time. So if you want to save your precious time, I’ll advise you to choose a good Food Processor that will make your work easy. A single Food Processor does multiple tasks like grating, chopping, blending, making dough, processing cake mixtures etc. and saves your kitchen from clogging with different useless appliances.
Here I’m going to explain key features and reliability of KENWOOD FOOD PROCESSOR. One of the best brands that provides you with the food processors with multiple and extraordinary features.
Here are some KENWOOD FOOD PROCESSORS for you so that you can make your choice.

It is one of the best KENWOOD FOOD PROCESSORS. It is a wonderful gadget with a wide variety of attachments. It is a compact but versatile food processor that cuts down your food preparation time. The key features of this processor are:
i. Dual Drive that provides same base for both a blender and a food processor.
ii. 3 Liter Bowl Capacity is perfect to feed a large family.
iii. In Bowl Drive removes the need for a central spindle and increases the bowl capacity.
iv. 1.5 liter thermo-resist blender with heat proof glass that allows you to blend hot and cold ingredients without the fear of cracking .
v. Variable Speed Control and Pulse for efficient speed control.
vi. Premium Solid Metal Body that enhances its durability and beauty.
i. Liquidiser material
ii. 2mm slicing/grating reversible disc
iii. 4mm slicing/grating reversible disc
iv. Dough tool
v. Knife blade
vi. Whisk tool
PRICE: If you are interested in buying this product, you can buy it for about Rs.25,799 in Pakistan.

This processor has a plastic body with white and grey finish. It provides you with a great range of attachments for chopping and grating vegetables. It is a comforting gadget that makes work easy for you. It presents you with the following key features
i. Full-Safety Interlock is its beneficial feature. The processor will not work unless it is properly engaged.
ii. 1 Speed Plus Pulse action for controlling blending speed.
iii. 1.4 Liter Bowl Capacity which enables you to prepare food for a large number of family members.
iv. Stainless Steel Knife Blade for coarse chopping,fine blending and pureeing.It is rust-resistant.
i. Coarse (4mm) grating disc
ii. Maxi-blend canopy
iii. Thin (2mm) slicing disc
iv. Whisk tool
PRICE: In Pakistan it is available to you for Rs.10,599.

It is just like Kenwood food processor 120 with a little bit of change in appearance and features.Its 2 speed plus pulse action make it more reliable than other food processors. Its important features are
i. 1 Liter Liquidise for making soups, sauces and smoothies. It is light-weight and easy to handle.
ii. 2 Speed Plus Pulse action to control blending speed accordingly.
iii. 1.4 Liter Bowl Capacity
iv. Rubberised feet for stability and protection.
i. Coarse (4mm) grating disc
ii. Maxi-blend canopy
iii. Thick (4mm) slicing disc
iv. Whisk tool
PRICE: It is available for approximately Rs.10,999 in Pakistan.

This food processor has a beautiful appearance with a variety of attachments. These attachments help in performing the function with more ease.It is an incredible product with the following surprising features:
i. Variable Plus Pulse action for blending speed control.
ii. Reversible slicing for better chopping action.
iii. Shredding discs for improved blending.
iv. Dough tool and non-slip feet.
i. Dough tool
PRICE: Its price in Pakistan is round about Rs.20,000.

Attachments: Different kenwood food processors are provided with different attachments.
Beaters & Whisks: These are used for mixing the ingredients and incorporating air into the mixture.
Blades & Knives: Kenwood food processors have blades and knives of variable thickness for chopping and blending.
Bowls: Bowls of variable capacity are provided. You can choose according to your need.
Cutting Plates: A variety of cutting plates is available in kenwood food processors.
Dough Hooks: It is an attachment used for making coarse dough.
Feet: Most of Kenwood food processors have non-slip feet.
Gears: Gears are involved in different parts of a food processor.
Handles: Handles are provided for easy handling of items.
Jugs: Jugs of different sizes and shapes are available. You can make your choice keeping in view your need.
Knobs: Knobs are used for easy holding.
Lids: Lids are necessary to keep ingredients within the jug or bowl.
Liquidisers & Goblets: these are used for blending.
Motors: Motors are an integral part of all food processors.
Pushers: pusher is used to make fresh vegetable and fruit juices.
Seals: seals are provided to prevent leakage.
Splashguards: These are used to avoid splashing.

KENWOOD FOOD PROCESSOR JUGS presents a great variety.They are easy to handle and have an amazing appearance. Different styles of jugs are available for customers that can attract them.

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