A Toaster is simply a machine used to brown and harden bread by using heat energy. It works on the principle of Joule’s Law. When the bread is toasted in the toaster, it passes through a chemical process. This process is known as the Maillards reaction. It is a chemical reaction between amino acids and reducing sugars of food that makes it testier. This reaction gives the bread its brown appearance.


The method to eat bread after browning it on heat is common since old times. In ancient times, bread was toasted on hot stones, heated in the fire. In the early 19th century, bread was toasted on a metal frame placed on a fire or a long fork. The practice of toast bread on gas stoves was also made in the 19th century. In the late 19th century simple machines were invented to toast pieces of bread. Alan MacMasters was the first scientist who invented the first electric toaster. He named this device as Eclipse Toaster. This toaster was manufactured and sold out under the name of Crompton Company in Britain. This toaster was quite simple as it was able to toast only a single side of bread.


As explained earlier, it works on Joule’s Law. According to this law, resistance in a metal converts electrical energy into heat energy. It works when electrical energy reaches the toaster. This energy travels through the wire plugged into the electricity supply. Then it passes through a row of thin metal filaments. These filaments are spaced enough to toast a whole piece of bread yet still connected. These filaments are the part where electrical energy is changed into heat energy. This radiant heat is used to make the bread brown. Here your bread is changed into a toast.


Steps for using a toaster:

i. First of all, select the suitable temperature by adjusting the knob in front of the toaster.

ii. Put the bread in toasting slots and push down the lever.

iii. Wait until the bread is changed into toast and keep your nose open to smell if it is burning.

iv. When lever pops up, remove the toast from the toaster, and your toast is ready.

v. Place the toasts on a plate, apply butter on it and eat the delicious toasts.


In the present day time, everyone needs a toaster. The word toast comes from the Latin word “Tostum” which means “to burn or scorch”. The practice of toasting was common in the Roman Empire. This was then brought by the Romans to other parts of the world like Britain, America, Europe, etc. But now this method is spreading all over the world. Most of the people in the world prefer eating toasts in the morning. As after toasting the bread, its fats are reduced. So toasted bread is lighter than normal bread. In modern society, everyone wants a quick and light breakfast.

If you also prefer toasts for breakfast, then the question for the need for a toaster ends. In the present era, everyone has a busy schedule. Mothers are no more only mothers, they have turned into working women. To save time, present-day women need quick and reliable machines that can make work easy for them. The toaster is one of those machines.

In a stampede morning, when there is a lot of noise and cries that demand breakfast, a mother can become chaotic. But if she has a toaster, she can quickly prepare appetizing toasts for her family. In this way, she can save herself overburden and chaos.


The average time a toaster requires to change bread into toast is one to three minutes. It takes more time to toast the first pieces, but it takes less time for the next pieces.

It happens because at the time of the first pieces the metal filaments are cool, but at the time of the next pieces, the metal filaments are already heated up. So it takes less time for the next pieces to be changed into toast.


A good toaster must have the following ten qualities:

i. It should take less time to make toast. In simple words, it should be quick.

ii. It should be able to toast both sides of a bread piece evenly.

iii. It should have deep slots that can toast the tallest piece of bread.

iv. It should be simple and easy to use.

v. It should stay cool when in use.

vi. It should have motorized lifts.

vii. Its design should be sleek.

viii. It should be durable, and it should consume less electricity.

ix. It should have a crumb tray to remove leftover crumbs regularly, otherwise crumbs can provoke ignition.

x. It should be easy to clean.


1. Dawlance 2 Slice Stainless Steel Toaster (DWT-7290)


• Reheat, defrosting and stop functions

• Cord storage

• Browning control

• Low wattage

• Detachable Crumb Tray

• Stainless Steel

PRICE: Rs.4,999

2. Dawlance Slice Toaster (DWTE-8003)


• 2 Slice Toaster with extra-wide slots

• High lift facility for easy bread removal

• Variable browning control

• Auto shut-off

• Easy cleaning

• Defrost, reheat & cancel function

PRICE: Rs.4,999

3. Haier HTA-01305-Toaster


• 2 Slice Toaster

• Cancel/Defrost/Reheat functions

• Adjustable browning control 7 levels

• Removable crumb tray for easy cleaning

PRICE: Rs.3,799

4. Anex Deluxe 2 Slice Toaster (AG-3002)


• High Quality

• Brand Warranty

• 220-240v

• 50/60Hz

• 780-930 Watts

PRICE: Rs.3,000

5. Westpoint 2 Slice Toaster (WF-2561)


• 2 toasting slots for making up to two toasts simultaneously

• Extra Wide Slot for the bigger pieces of bread

• Unique cord winding compartment at the bottom

• Material used which saves energy and helps in saving the environment

• 780-930 Watts

• 220-240~50/60Hz

PRICE: Rs.3,441

6. Russell Hobbs 2 Slice Toaster (19640-56)


• Adjustable browning control

• Bun warming rack

• Cancel, defrost, and reheat functions

• Removable crumb tray

• Integrated cord storage

PRICE: Rs.4,648

7. Westpoint 2 Slice Pop-Up Toaster (WF-2550)


• Power: 730-870 Watts

• Volts: 220-240v~50/60Hz

• Extra Wide Slot for the bigger pieces of bread

• 2 toasting slots

PRICE: Rs.3,441

8. Anex 2 Slice Toaster (AG-3001)


• Cool touch housing.

• Electronic control knob.

• Slide out the crumb tray.

• Power: 220-240V

PRICE: Rs.3,290

9. Westpoint 2 Slice Toaster (WF-2583)


• 730-870 Watts

• 220-240~50/60Hz

• Extra Wide Slot for the bigger loaves of bread

• 2 toasting slots for making up to two toasts simultaneously

• Unique cord winding compartment at the bottom

PRICE: Rs.3,441

10. Sharp Sandwich Premium Toaster (KZ-200LP-K)


• Number of Slice: 2

• Sandwich Premium Toaster

• Automatic Pop-Up Mechanism

• Adjust degree browning with 6 settings

• Cancel, Reheat and Defrost Function

• Power: 850w

PRICE: Rs.4,999

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