Best Fast Food Options In Lahore

We’ve all been through the drill when it comes to finding the best kind of fast food to go through the day (or the night) and when you can’t decide, that’s when we come in to save the day! At foodninja today we have sorted the most popular fast foods Pakistanis (and people around the world) love, and also deliberated on where you should head to if you’re looking for the best place to find it. Go through the list and try them all out, you won’t be disappointed.


Burger Maestru Saddam Burger Burger Maestru Burger King

Of course, who can say no to burgers, well there’s a huge list of places that serve burgers and most of them are really good and some are probably not that good. If you live somewhere in Gulberg then you should head to Howdy, Burger Hub and Burger King. These options are mildly expensive, not too expensive and if you’re somewhere near DHA or Cantt then it’s gotta be The Burger Joint and Wright Burgers. These options are somewhat more expensive than the last ones. Finally if you live somewhere close to Johor Town, Valencia Town or Township then you have Howdy, Omnon Burgers and Grills, Burger Hub and Burger Spot. Some of these options are actually really good and not that expensive either so once you know what you are closest to, you can very simply go to your favorite spot and have it planned in advance. Also not to forget, McDonalds is literally everywhere in Lahore so if you have a taste developed for McDonalds then this has to be the most convenient and economic option.


NY212 Pizza Phase 5 NY212 Pizza johar town1 Pizza Channel 24-Wall-Street-Pizza

When it comes to Pizzas then options remains just as wide and great because we have lots of very good pizza parlors in Lahore. In DHA and Cantt you have Pizza Time, California Crusts and Domino’s Pizza. These options also happen to be light on your pocket and if you’re near Gulberg then you Mozarella27, Pizza Lovers United, Big Mans Pizza and many many more, this place is loaded with options in all price ranges. Near Johor Town and Township you have Sarpinos Pizza, Master Pizza and Manhattan Bites. These options are unique and delicious and might I add, my favourites. Somewhat expensive (relatively) but incredible. Pizza Hut on the other hand (like McDonalds) is everywhere so you can always go there and even order.


Café Barbera Café Aylanto Covo Restaurant Covo Restaurant

For pastas, I’d suggest not to go everywhere because Pastas are not everyone’s thing and you can be disappointed very easily when trying pastas from different places. But not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Near Johor Town you have Panini’z Restaurant, Chhintalia and Gusto Cafe & Restuarant. In this part of Lahore I would even suggest La DownTown. As for Gulberg, you have some of the most vibrant options. You have Freddy’s Cafe (I love its environment), Tuscany Courtyard and Cafe Aylanto. These options are a bit expensive but really good and absolutely worth it. For DHA and Cantt, you do have some options but if you’re looking for better variety then I’d suggest going to MM Alam road, although it’s a bit of a drive but you won’t regret it. Otherwise you may head to Y Block and try Grill House, they also have really good stakes.

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