7 Healthy Drinks & What They Do To You

Drinks are always my favorite part of meal plans because you can literally have them anytime, even minutes before or after workout and the best part is that depending on the time of the day, they’re usually very refreshing.  So here’s a few drinks that taste good and are a perfect daily routine combo for the health couscous lot. Moving on to the list;

Green Tea

Green tea

We all know it’s healthy but what does it actually do? Apart from treating problems like indigestion, it also helps reduce risk of osteoporosis, cancer, heart disease, and cavities . It also relaxes blood vessels and if you have acne or other skin problems then this should help big time because green tea is loaded with anti oxidants so it removes all toxins from your body.

Mint Tea

Mint tea

For those who start working out fresh, I wouldn’t recommend anything better than this because it relaxes stiff muscles and eases aches and pains muscle pains in general. Also keeps you away from stomach issues because ensures a healthy flow through the digestive tract.

Reduced Fat Milk

Reduced Fat Milk

Of course nothing beats whole milk but we need days when we have to stay off extra fat so reduced fat milk has benefits and nothing but benefits. With all the calcium and health benefits of milk and lesser fat going into you, it’s the best breakfast combo with almost anything.

Soy Milk

Soy milk

So it comes with the benefit of lesser chances of heart diseases and extra soy protein and soluble fiber which lowers unreasonably high cholesterol levels and helps prevent cardiovascular diseases. So this pretty much explains how amazing it is for your heart and well it’s milk, it’s anything but good. About 8 ounces a  day should be great for you.

Hot Chocolate

Hot Coculate Milk

Might sound a bit off to the gym going and diet conscious people but let me just put it straight, dark chocolate is actually good for you. Helps prevent heart diseases and in general, chocolate is good for improving your mood. It increases you serotonin levels which basically get rid of depression for you.

Tomato Juice

Tomato Juice

It can sound a bit off sometimes because not everyone I know is thrilled by the idea of tomato juice but considering that it helps you stay away from a number of cancers and tomato is a rich source of anti oxidants along with helping you generate fresh blood. Tomato juice might just be in your list now.

Cranberry Juice

Cranberry Juice

Other than fighting gum diseases and preventing urinary tract diseases, it is a rich source of fiber so it’s great for people who have constipation. It’s pretty common in grocery stores and health stores and I’d also suggest to limit intake to no more than one glass a day.

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