4 Reasons to Eat at Hardees Lahore

When it comes to eating out and deliberating on where you’ll get the best burgers from in Lahore, the options are more than you can possibly count but when it comes to an overall package that you’re bound to enjoy, we came upon Hardees. Why? Well because of alot of reasons, we didn’t only consider taste but legit everything that comes with eating out, and burgers in particular. Here’s some of the highlights of the chain that should prove it well.

1. The Burgers are nothing but amazing!

Hardee's Burger Hardee's Burger

That’s right, the beef burgers are my favorite to try out and the chicken burgers are the juiciest you’ll find. The proportions and sizes are pretty appetizing and they taste even better because of a high key quality check where they make sure you’re getting what you asked for. The burgers make it big time in a fast food competitive world.


2. It’s value for money!

The prices are competitive in a sense that you wont find them unreasonably high in comparison to any other fast food chain (with really good burgers), but along with that, you get something that’s actually fulfilling and satisfying. This is the deal about fast food places, you pay a good sum of money but barely get something that fills you up, well Hardees does not let that happen, it’s why I say, Hardees is value for money.


3. The fries are to die for!

Hardee's Fries Hardee's Fries

They have curly fries and regular fries, they’re subtly salted and amazingly crispy and it just feels good to down the perfect golden colored crispy fries with a big juicy burger. You just pay a little extra for the curly fries, which is honestly not a big deal because, come on they’re just fries, doesn’t matter what shape they are but for those who love perfection and the extra details, curly fries are a combo!


4. Free Refills!

Doesn’t get any better, though many people are not down for anything more than one drink, but for those like me who simply live on coke, know what free refills sounds like. So go ahead, drink all you want, nobody’s judging you. The thought of not having to pay for another drink is what clicks me.


Where exactly to go?

They all taste the same (well, duh), but if you still want to be particular, the Lalik Jan franchise has a balcony on the second floor overlooking the main boulevard and though it may not sound amazing to sit there during the day but having a burger on a winter night on those cane chairs in the open air is the real deal.

Hours: 11am–1am
Phone: (042) 111 200 400

There are many others branches of Hardees in all over Lahore.

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