The Best Pizza in Johar Town

Pizzas are everyone’s ‘come back home to’ through all the rough and tiring days and is also one of those foods that almost everyone loves. 

With a huge popularity that pizzas have among the young and the old, there come many places that sell pizzas. Literally, pizza restaurants are everywhere today. 

But that is not what everyone resorts to and we at Food Ninja make sure that our readers do not get caught up in the wrong place for the right meal. 

This said, we have rounded up some of the best pizza parlors and restaurants in Johar Town where one would never be disappointed. 

Th ins and outs, the do’s and don’ts of a place are all drafted out below.


Sarpino’s Pizza 

Located opposite to Shaukat Khanum Hospital on Khayaban e Firdousi, the pizza restaurant is operational for 14 hours every day from 11am to 1am.

The pizza’s come in wide variety and one can go for pizzas from least spicy to most spicy and the cheese goes like it does on the best pizzas.


The Sicilian pizza is among the best and all these come at very reasonable prices. The environment is neat and clean and best for a dine in.


The average wait time is 15 min but this can go up on rush hours. The rush hours usually go from 8pm to 12am.


NY212 Pizza


Located in the M block of Phase 2 Johar Town, it is known for some of best pizzas all over Lahore and what I love most is the extremely courteous staff.


Apart from the pizzas being just good, they have their unique delicacy of 21 inch pizzas which is almost thrice as fun because of the thrill of one pizza for the entire group of at least 6 to 8 people.


Business hours are 12pm to 1am and the rush usually starts pouring in after 6pm. Although pizzas are served within 15 min, a pre booking is recommended because of the limited seating space.


Manhattan Bites 

Also located near Shaukat Khanum Hospital in Phase 2 of Johar Town, the Manhattan Bites is pretty for the extra odd hour of past 1am because the restaurant is open till 2am.


The Manhattan Special Pizza is liked the most by people who often visit but it is not a hundred percent recommended because they often don’t have everything on the menu available.


Seating capacity is a fair deal and staff is also pretty cooperative but they usually take longer to serve than most other pizza outlets.


Fork and Knives Pizza Kitchen

Loved for the soft crust and cheese topped pizzas, the restaurant is located on Abdul Haq road in Johar Town. The sides such as the salads and chicken wings are also delicious.


The prices are very reasonable for some very good pizzas and the business is operational from 11am to 2am.


However, a crowd can be expected after 6pm. They take an average of 15 min to serve but it doesn’t matter much in the clean and amiable sitting environment.


Pizza Originale 

The place has business hours from 11am to 12pm on weekdays and you might not want to head here for late night plans after 12am.


However, their Chicken and Spinach pizza is worth dying for. The thin crusts are among the best in the locality.


The original Italian pizza makers located in Phase 2 in Johar Town is a good quality for money but takes about 20-25 minutes for service.


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