The Best Burger in Gulberg

Burgers are  now the fast food most loved and most eaten because well, they are available everywhere.

There’s just a world of diversity in the kinds of burgers that are available out there, going from chicken and beef to veggies and what not.


That said, there are numerous burger joints all over Lahore and Gulberg is one place which comes as a package where you can shop and eat.


Although one can find a burger at almost any restaurant in Gulberg, here is a list of some of the best ones that you can find in the location.


Outpost BYOB 

Contrary to the popular acronym of “Bring your own bear”, BYOB here means Build Your Own Burger. It is located in Block D in Gulberg 3 on Fashion Avenue.

As the name implies, one has the flexibility of customizing burgers as they like and they can add from a range of meat and sauces.


The most loved burger here is usually the beef burger with BBQ sauce, and the number of patties simply depends on your appetite.


Business hours here are 1:30pm to 12am hence the place may not be suitable for odd hour cravings but they do have a wonderful clean environment for a nice fast food dine in.


They don’t take long for serving, the wait is usually very small but the place regularly stays busy from 3pm to 9pm.


The price of the burgers also depends on your preference and what you add to your burger.


Burger King 

Burger King is a well known international chain of delicious fast and they specialize in burgers only.


It is located on MM Alam road next to the turn that goes to Ghalib Market. Burger King has a huge franchise that serves a large amount of customers everyday.


Despite the crowds, they never run late on their service and never run out of space. The beef burgers are loved and the part is the juicy patties in the burgers.


They have plenty of open parking and free wifi for customers too and one can have a quick meal here and be done in about 20 min.


Burger Hub

Located on the lower ground floor of the Vogue Towers, Burger Hub is known for some huge and juicy burgers where the chicken and beef burgers absolutely kill it.


Open from 12pm to 1am on normal days, the business stays operational till 4am on Saturday nights and hence this could very easily be your late night craving’s spot on a weekend night.


Apart from the clean and hygienic atmosphere, the burgers are also very appetizing and one almost never has to order extra sides or another burger entirely as one might have to at McDonalds.


The Blue Dragon burger is a personal favorite of many but there’s plenty to choose from.



Howdy makes excellent burgers at very competitive prices. One thing I love about the restaurant is the fact that it has this country interior and a very cooperative staff.


It is located in L Block on MM Alam road and is operative from 12pm to 1am everyday.


One spends an average of Rs. 700 for almost any burger at Howdy but they usually take longer than most other chains to serve.


The place is extremely clean and warmly lit and the wifi is also free. Parking however is a problem at Howdy.


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