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Top 3 Frozen Yogurt Spots in Lahore

Summer might be the time when your body requires cold ice creams and frozen yogurts but, winters are the time when you can actually enjoy frozen yogurts and the best part is that it will not melt as soon as it does in the summers.

The best part is that it is not even that unhealthy. Check out the health benefits of frozen yogurt below:

  1. It lowers down your cholesterol and blood pressure.
  2. Improves your immune system.
  3. Prevents colon cancer.
  4. Improves mineral absorption.
  5. Lowers down your stress levels.

So, if you are craving frozen yogurt then do not fear the weather and head out to these amazing frozen yogurt spots in Lahore.

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt

Tutti Frutti is the most popular spot when it comes to frozen yogurt. It has a huge chain which is spread all over Pakistan. You can also find a Tutti Frutti shop in Bhera. Tutti Frutti offers its customers a wide range of flavors like chcolate, vanilla, chocolate macaroon, watermelon, raspberry cheesecake, tiramisu, cotton candy, honey drew, hazelnut, taro, bubblegum, pistachio, banana, strawberry cheesecake and much much more. Just like its flavors, Tutti Frutti has a wide range of toppings for their customers as well. From salted caramel syrup to cookie dough and sprinkles, they have it all.

The Urban Cafe Yogilicious

The Urban Cafe Yogilicious is a fine dining place which just happens to serve one of the best frozen yogurts in town. They do not have as much variety in the flavors and in their toppings as much as Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt but, they are definitely worth the try. They serve their frozen yogurt in a cup, in an wafer cup and even in Italian cones. They offer the basic flavors like chocolate, vanilla, banana, strawberry, cookies and cream.

Yogen Fruz Pakistan

Yogen Fruz has been serving smoothies and frozen yogurts since 1986 and has been known as the father of frozen yogurt. I personally prefer Tutti Frutti to Yogen Fruz because Yogen Fruz is a bit on the sour side than on the sweeter side. It offers a wide variety of flavors for a pretty low price as compared to Tutti Frutti or The Urban Cafe.

It’s flavors include chocolate, pineapple, vanilla, blueberry, mango, cherry, peach, strawberry, blackberry, banana, tart and raspberry. The only con apart from the limited flavors is that they have limited toppings. For a price of rupees 250, they only allow any two toppings of your choice.

Just recently, they have introduced new flavors like coffee, mint chocolate chip. acai,  key lime pie, chai latte, cheesecake and apple pie.

Let us know how did you like them in the comments section below!