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Top 3 Places to Grab a Shawarma/Paratha Roll

You cannot disagree on the fact that, paratha rolls and shawarmas fill you up like nothing else but, still leave you craving more. It is a struggle. You know you are full to the top and you might even puke if you have another bite but, still you want more.

There is nothing more heartbreaking than when you are craving a nice and fulfilling shawarma or a paratha roll and it tastes horrible. Yes, paratha rolls and shawarmas can taste horrible. But, you need not worry. This list of best places to grab a shawarma/paratha roll will save your life.

  1. Karachi Silver Spoon

    Karachi Silver Spoon is hands down the best place to grab a paratha roll.  The meat is properly cooked, the spices are in sync and the paratha is just right. It is not too heavy that you cannot even taste what is inside, neither it is too light that everything is simply crumbling down at your lap.

    Apart from their taste, their packing is the second best thing about their paratha roll. It is so tightly and neatly packed that nothing falls on you. When eating a delicious paratha roll, it is the absolute worst thing when you find your paratha roll crumbling or you find out that the oil of your paratha roll was dripping on your lap, the whole time you were enjoying it.
  2. Buddy’s

    Buddy’s serve their shawarmas and wraps like fast food chains serve their burgers; with a drink and fries to the side. Not that you would need them. Trust me, you will be so full by just eating their wraps and shawarmas that you won’t even look at the sides they are offering.Buddy’s serve a wide variety of shawarmas and wraps. The best part is that they offer a number of food hoarding and money saving deals. Their Cheese Shawarma with double fill, extra cheese and olives is heaven for cheese lovers at just rupees 150.
  3. Burritoz

    Found in DHA phase 1, Burritoz is one of the places to grab a fancy shawarma. It may be on the pricier side but, it offers you so much more. They offer you a proper and clean place to sit. They offer you a more sturdy packaging and your food is made in a more hygienic place.
    The variety they offer is never ending. They wrap their meat in a tortilla filled with generous ingredients like onions, mushrooms, pickles and so much more. They serve their burittoz with shredded chicken, shredded beef, chicken steak and beef steak, grilled fish, shrimp fajita, vegetable, and organic chicken steak.

So, what are you waiting for? Craving a shawarma or a paratha roll? Just get up and drive to the nearest Karachi Silver Spoon, Buddy’s or Burritoz. Feeling lazy? Its nothing to worry about because they are available on FoodPanda and Cheetay food delivery service.